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April 2014

Please sign our latest Petition please.

BAN the Trapping & Killing of Ireland’s Cats.

It is completely unacceptable that some cats in Ireland are being trapped and killed/released elsewhere by pest control companies, wildlife services and others.  A TOTAL BAN must be placed on pest control companies, wildlife services and others from trapping and killing or releasing in a new environment, innocent defenceless cats when there is a more humane effective solution in the form of Trap Neuter Return (TNR).  ALL cats in Ireland should have the right to live, proper protection and legislation to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Pest control companies, wildlife services, etc are not animal welfare organisations and are not concerned with animal welfare. They are not obliged to report to the Irish Government and unlike the Pounds cannot be monitored by the public and are not inspected regularly by welfare inspectors to ensure they are carrying out best practice.

Furthermore, mandatory microchipping of cats MUST be introduced in 2016 alongside the mandatory microchipping of dogs that year.  This would ensure owner traceability in the event of cats going missing, being abandoned, etc.


The 7th National Feral Cat Awareness Week takes place from 8th - 14th August 2016.  

2014 saw the launch of the ‘How to Help Feral Cats - a step-by-step Guide to Trap Neuter Return,’ a resource of the CATalyst Project (a collaboration between Feral Cats Ireland, Animal Advocacy and Donedeal PetAware).  The guide is presently available to download here and provides all the information you need to create a successful Trap Neuter Return programme in your community.

Last year also saw the launch of the ‘Feral Cat Care Guide for Veterinary Nurses’ from Limerick Feral Cats, available to download here. Feel free to print off a copy for yourself, a Veterinary Nurse you know or your local Veterinary practice.


About us

Feral Cats Ireland began life as a facebook page in July 2010.  At that time, there was nothing on the internet specifically for or about community cats (stray, homeless, feral/wild) in Ireland.  It quickly progressed to a website, Awareness Week (8th - 14th August 2016) and is now also on twitter.

Feral Cats Ireland is an on-line resource dedicated to educating, advocating and networking on behalf of these once domestic pet cats who find themselves homeless and marginalised. 

Please be aware we are not a group, rescue or charity.  We do not have volunteers, traps, funds, a shelter or homes for cats.  Our facebook page is very active and you are welcome to seek help by posting there or contacting us by e-mail: feralcatsireland@gmail.com  

We advocate trap/neuter/return (TNR) for feral cats as a humane effective solution. 


A Feral Cat Odyssey is a wonderful documentary below from TEN LIVES on feral cats, Trap Neuter Return and the many people worldwide who dedicate their lives to helping stray and feral cats wherever they may be.  Enjoy!

Read how a small group of cat lovers stopped Pest Control from trapping and killing cats in Bray, Co Wicklow in June 2015.